RangerBasicsRanger Basics

The Revised (version 2.0) Ranger Basics, one of the courses required for the Ready Level of the outpost lead advancement levels is  available through your local district. As the name implies it provides you the “Basic” information to be a successful leader in the Royal Ranger Ministry.


Ranger EssentialsRanger Essentials

Ranger Essentials in now updated and is a leader-training course; one of the courses required for the Ready Level of the outpost leader advancement levels is available through your local district. Ranger Essentials prepares to to mentor  boys and young men into godly men. Contact your district training coordinator for more information. For more information on Ranger Essentials visit the Ready page.



Ranger SafetyRanger Safety Course

The new Ranger Safety online course is now available and replaces the Safety and the Church course.

This course will help leaders understand key safety issues that may arise during meetings, activities, and transportation. It will cover topics like proper approach to safety, principles of safety, personal and group responsibilities, assessing risk, and the importance of screening leaders.  It is a required course for the Safety Level of the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels.

Course price is $15




Attend and complete either the National Rangers Ministry Camp (NRMC) or the National Elementary Education Conference (NEEC).  Leaders who have previously attended National Training Camp (NTC) or Ranger Kids Training Conference (RKTC) may substitute either of those events to meet this requirement.




WCO World Class Outpost

Attend and complete the World Class Outpost Seminar (WCO), a one and a half day training conference designed to develop outpost leadership through best practices, strategies and tools.
In addition, complete two continuous training opportunities (at least 2 hours each) offered by either certified instructors from the section/district, or official Royal Ranger online courses, or two Action Camps (when available).

NOTE:  Attendance at NCE, NTT, ANTC, or WNTC between January 1, 2009-December 31, 2010, will count toward the Action Camp requirement.


Upcoming Local Training Events: